Rosco filters

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Filters and diffusions for coloring, correcting and controlling light, including: Roscolux, Supergel, E-Colour+, Cinegel, GamColor, Permacolor OPTI-FLECS. Leading global manufacturer of creative solutions including LED fixtures, backdrops, color filters, gobos, fog effects, scenic products and dance floors. Roscolux is widely recognized as the most versatile range of color and diffusion filters available for entertainment lighting design. Rosco’s Photo Lighting Filter Kit contains essential lighting filters photographers need to color correct and add colored effects to the light in their shots.

Rosco’s Color Correction Filter Kit includes a selection of the most popular color correction filters from Rosco’s Cinegel range of lighting filters. Colored gels for lights used in film, video, photo, stage, theater, party, and dj lighting.

The 12xRosco Color Effects Filter Kit represents the most popular colors Rosco has to offer for use in special events, theatrical productions, photography, . StageSpot, LLC carries all brands of color gels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for color gels from Rosco, Roscolux, Rosco E-Colour, Rosco Cinegel or . Find the high quality LEE Filter equivalent of another manufacturer’s product. Tinted Filters for Hot-Shoe and Studio Strobes. Legendary gel and diffusion fabric manufacturer, Rosco Laboratories, which offers more than . Plus d’infos sur le site de la marque ROSCO. Shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for Rosco Lighting Gobos, Gels, Filters and Lenses.

Rosco Filters Rosco, founded in 191 is still best known for the products it originally manufactured: filters for entertainment lighting.

Roscolux color filters (aka gels) make it very easy for you to add the color blue to lights in your home, restaurant or building to help Light It Up Blue on World . Lighting Colour Filters for Theatre, Film Photography. Contains ten color effects lighting filters designed to the personal specifications of eminent cinematographer Vittorio Storaro; Represent key chromatic elements . As a producer of color filters for the performing arts, Rosco has focussed on the. The people who use Rosco filters are artists who manipulate the spectrum to . Roscolux color filters, affixed in holders or color frames in front of the lens, change the .