Mil prf 23377

The PINs to be used for primer coatings acquired to this specification are created as . Title: MIL-PRF-2337 Version: K, Date: 2012-Jun-0 Status: Active, Desc: PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION PRIMER COATINGS EPOXY HIGH-SOLIDS . MIL-PRF-23377K Type Class Cis a two component high solids yellow epoxy primer with a maximum VOC of 2. Note: PPG Aerospace recommends you check the most recent specification QPL for updated information. MIL-PRF-233performance specification covers the requirements for corrosion inhibiting, chemical and solvent resistant, solvent-borne, high-solids epoxy . Product meets specification performance . Two component, chromated epoxy polyamide primer.

Sherwin-Williams CM01209MIL-PRF-23377K, Type Class CEpoxy Adduct – Quart Can – Visit and view our entire SkyGeek, Shop Supplies, Paint Primer . MIL-PRF-23377K composition and per- formance specification. They are used as a primer under MIL-PRF-852poly-. DESCRIPTION__________________________________________.

The Qualified Product List for the following governing specification was last updated on 12-DEC-2016. But MIL-PRF-855is another primer used mostly for aluminum, with the. An no substitution if MIL-PRF-233is required for wet installation of slip fits or . P20-Primer can be force cured at elevated temperatures to accelerate speed of dry time.

Mil-PRF-23377G Primer Coating, Epoxy, High Solids. Type – Low Infrared Reflective Pigments. Aero Equipement offers a broad spectrum of products in the service of the aerospace industry and represents the global solution for . MIL-P-233( MIL-P-23377G ) (MIL PRF 233) is a two component, corrosion inhibiting, polyamide primer. The kit has a month shelf life from the date of manufacture.

Meets MIL-PRF-23377J Type Class Cand is QPL qualified. DESCRIPTION: 02GN0and 02GN0are chrome free, fast . MIL-PRF-233TY1CLCand cross reference part(s) MIL-PRF-2337 SPEEAY051AMIS12K, M23377-1-C2-10CC-YELLOW, 513X41 SEMPEN, . HAZMAT: The product you have selected requires HAZMAT Shipping. In addition to standard freight charges, FedEx charges $35.

Description: Milguard-233is a two component, high solids, VOC compliant epoxy polyamide primer with excellent chemical, solvent and corrosion resistance . II CL CEpoxy Primer is a low VOC chromate epoxy polyamide solvent primer which conforms to and exceeds . MIL-PRF-233K High Solids Yellow Epoxy Primer Type Class C2. Looking for the definition of MIL-PRF-23377? Find out what is the full meaning of MIL-PRF-233on Abbreviations.

Use correct PPE when handling this material.